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Web Design

NHS Mini Mitral Trial

NHS South Tees Hospital

The UK Mini Mitral trial is a national trial taking place in 9 hospitals across the UK. The website we've created is designed to drive recruitment of patients to take part in the trial, increase awareness of the trial and contain useful information for patients.

Informative Website


The CDYP are a charity supporting young deaf people in the Teesside area. We created a website for them with custom graphics design work. The website features a news stream so they can keep people up to date, a gallery and a list of their services/clubs.

3D TV Compatible Puzzle Game

Amazing Interactives

A cognitive puzzle distraction game designed for use on 3D TV's. The game is used hospitals as an alternative to anaesthetic during minor procedures. The idea is to distract a patient while a potentially painful or uncomfortable procedure happens. The game is primarily targeted at younger patients and uses a cartoon art style to appeal to younger minds.

3D Blow Appart Desk Fan

Silhouette Wolf

This is a 3D render of a desk fan to show of our abilities to create realistic looking objects that wouldn't look out of place in a photograph. In this screenshot, both the fan and the table are 3D objects created by our team. The background is a 360 degree photograph of our office.

The Mimic

Silhouette Wolf

Our first IP. Mankind has colonized Proxima Centauri b, a tiny desolate world around a dim star, just 4 light years away. The Mimic is a predator, the perfect hunter and it has escaped containment. Now it's hunting you.



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